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Affirmative Action training happens…in many great ways.

From hosting educational Webinars throughout the year to our Annual Conference, OutSolve’s many client training events are always enlightening and always enthralling.


Upcoming Webinar

Looking Beyond the Obvious: How Effective Are Your Outreach Efforts for Protected Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities?

Join us as OutSolve and guest speakers provide us with tools for assessing the effectiveness of your outreach efforts to individuals with disabilities and veterans. Are you including all your efforts or merely listing the most obvious? This session will include suggestions for ways to maximize your current efforts as well as how to “think outside the box” when listing them.

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Thursday, September 19
1:00pm CDT

Industry Conferences

As a nationally-recognized industry leader in Affirmative Action planning, OutSolve participates in Affirmative Action events throughout the country. From speaking engagements and regional Industry Liaison Groups to exhibiting and sponsorships to chairing conferences and panels, we’re highly involved in Affirmative Action planning across the nation.

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