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Affirmative Action training happens…in many great ways.

From hosting educational Webinars throughout the year to our Annual Conference, OutSolve’s many client training events are always enlightening and always enthralling.


Upcoming Webinar

Best Practices for Creating Job Descriptions

Job descriptions – it is critical that every company has them, but they can be tough to start…and finish! Job descriptions need to be consistent, well thought out and well written as they set the foundation for the employee’s experience with the company, assist in recruiting and are essential in the performance review process. Job descriptions are an HR function, but often need the interaction of accounting as well to work together on salary band. For government contractors, learn the difference between internal and contract job descriptions, labor categories and job descriptions. Our presenters will educate you on how to write an effective, quality job description that contains the necessary components to carry you from recruiting to performance reviews to compliance. Join OutSolve and Stephanie Alexander from Boost LLC for this special edition webinar!

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Thursday, July 26
1:00pm CDT

Industry Conferences

As a nationally-recognized industry leader in Affirmative Action planning, OutSolve participates in Affirmative Action events throughout the country. From speaking engagements and regional Industry Liaison Groups to exhibiting and sponsorships to chairing conferences and panels, we’re highly involved in Affirmative Action planning across the nation.

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