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Pay Equity and Compensation

Statistical Compensation Analyses

(Surveys and Programs)

OutSolve offers expert staff to develop salary administration programs and pay structures that provide management with necessary tools and information to effectively manage employee pay. Services include:

  • Benchmarking Jobs to Market Rates: base salary, incentives, and total compensation
  • Aligned to industry and geographic areas
  • Pay Ranges
  • Job Family Structures
  • Impact Analyses: Internal and external comparison
  • Implementation strategies

Statistical Compensation Analyses

(Proactive Internal Reviews and OFCCP Compliance)

OutSolve’s Principal Industrial Psychologist & Statistician works with our clients to identify a strategy for examining current compensation programs and preparing for OFCCP compliance. OutSolve will perform legally-defensible and comprehensive compensation analyses using statistical techniques that adhere to ethical and professional standards. Analyses may include, but are not limited to the use of, Multiple Regression, ANOVA, ANCOVA, Independent Samples t-test and Chi-Square Test for Independence.

Pay Equity

As the pay equity and #metoo movement sweeps the country, executive teams are grappling with developing a strategy to meet the changing expectations of both their employees and the community they serve. OutSolve’s Principal Industrial Psychologist & Statistician works with our client's to accomplish three critical items. First, understand the environment and what it means to undertake a process for change. Second, to develop an action plan for evaluating and implementing change. Third, to follow-through on the process and sustain the program to its successful completion. Some of the specific tasks to evaluate include, but are not limited to:

  • Assist you in setting a goal of 95, 97.5 or 99% equal pay for equal work
  • Deploy statistical models to provide recommendations on how to retool compensation levels for employees to reach that goal
  • Assist you in communication and implementation of the new system
  • Simultaneous press releases that you are an organization that believes in equal pay for equal work without regard to status in any protected group

State Pay Equity Laws

In 2018, multiple states are enacting new pay equity laws that, while similar to the compensation compliance rules that Federal contractors are familiar with, have substantial differences that require attention. The requirements are intended for all businesses, not just Federal contractors with very limited exceptions. OutSolve monitors the individual state laws and can provide assistance in creating a proactive plan to address the requirements, which will help to prepare for audits while reducing risk of pay equity challenges.

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