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Yahoo Article Discusses Pay Equity Advances


April 12, 2016 article shares CEO's claims of reaching gender pay equality

In a new article posted by Yahoo news today, Hillary Clinton discusses how CEO's are making statements about reaching gender pay equality. See the article and an excerpt below.


Excerpt: "At a candid discussion on the state of equal pay for women in America, Hillary Clinton gave kudos to Silicon Valley CEOs for carrying their share of the load.

“If CEOs and board members will actually ask themselves ‘How sure are we we that we are paying people the same?’ the data shows even in the best-intentioned companies that is often not happening,” she said. Clinton spoke at a round table discussion hosted by salary data site Glassdoor.com. She gave a nod to Salesforce (CRM) CEO Marc Benioff, who spent $3 million last year to close the gender wage gap at his company, and Gap (GPS), the first Fortune 500 company to announce that it pays female and male employees equally in 2014."

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