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Wage Gap Continues in 97% of Occupations


Women who work full time are paid 80 cents for every dollar paid to their male counterparts

The National Women’s Law Center’s (NWLC) report published on April 4, 2018 indicates that nearly every occupation has a wage gap, which amounts to a typical loss of $10,086 per year for a working woman. Women have to work 15 months to make what men did in the previous calendar year. The report also shows that even though women have made significant gains in educational attainment and labor force involvement it has not translated to higher wages.

General Findings:

• Women are over represented in low-wage jobs and underrepresented in high-wage jobs.

• Regardless of the occupation, women are typically paid less than men in the same occupations.

• Women experience a wage gap across occupations

• Women experience a wage gap even in occupations where they are over represented.

Forty-seven percent of the overall workforce is made up of women but they occupy 58% of the low-wage workforce in jobs that pay less than $11 per hour ($22,800 annually). Alternatively, women make up only 35% of workers in high-wage jobs, those paying more than $48 per hour ($100,000 annually).

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