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The Proposed EEO-1 Revision May Be Receiving a Preemptive Face Lift

Scott Kushner

Contractors anxious to know what's coming

EEOC chair Jenny Yang said the agency is in the process of publishing a revision to the proposed EEO-1 report changes, which added the layer of compensation data to the annual survey. Yang opted not to elaborate on any specific changes to expect, speaking at a seminar in the New York School of Law on June 22.

Yang said the EEOC is searching for a path to reduce the burden on employers, according to an article posted at Law360.com. The move is spurred partly by the 320 critical comments the agency received when it initially proposed the report.

Contractors argued the EEOC underestimated the time-consuming mechanics of providing the additional data, claiming the agency would be receiving flawed or incomplete information due to time and manpower constraints.

Later in the seminar, Law360.com reported Yang warned employers not rely on negotiations or a person's prior salary when making compensation decisions, and said the proposed collection of employees' W-2 information allows the agency "to use all the information available to us to identify areas that require further [input]."

This is the latest of example of the revised EEO-1 report causing turmoil in the industry, before it has even been implemented.

In turn, OutSolve is fully prepared to help any contractors seeking additional information and is even offering customers the opportunity to add compensation analyses to the 2016 EEO-1 report in an effort to proactively address any potential problems.

OutSolve principal Jeremy Mancheski offered his thoughts how to best prepare for the proposed regulations HERE

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