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Porous Materials Sued by EEOC for Sexual, Racial and Anti-Immigrant Harassment and Retaliation


Plant Manager and Company Owner verbally harassed immigrants, women and the only black employee

Manufacturer of Testing Equipment allegedly subjected its employees to sexism, racism, and xenophobia. The EEOC’s New York District Office filed suit against Porous Materials for harassment and retaliation based on the behavior of a plant manager and company owner.

EEOC alleged that the plant manager used racial slurs and called foreign-born employees “terrorists.” Additionally, he complained that he was “sick” of immigrants stealing American jobs and not speaking English, forbade them from speaking other languages, and urged immigrant employees to leave America. The Plant Manager also told the only black employee to drink Kool-Aid to calm down after he told her that her husband should work in a cotton field with a rope around his neck. After complaining about his racist comments, the plant manager fired her.

The suit alleges that the plant manager was also abusive towards women, calling them “bitc*s,” complaining about their “PMS’ing,” and said that women could not perform a “man’s job.” He encouraged one woman to “come over here and sexually harass me” or she would be sent home early. He also made other unwanted sexual advance, commented on female employees’ “buns” and “curves” and told a woman that she was too “fat and disgusting” to have sex with her husband.
The company owner, instead of stopping the behavior, behaved similarly calling female employees “dumb women,” and complained that “these women can’t do anything.” The owner also told one woman that because of her sex she was not getting a raise.

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