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Pay Equity - Continuing to be a National Headline

Thomas J. Carnahan, PhD

Be Proactive with Pay Equity – Don’t Wait for a Complaint!

There’s some things in life that are simply true even though there are many opinions as to why it has occurred and what we can or should do to alleviate the problem.

It is also true that women and minorities are not paid, on average, the same as their white male counterparts. The Washington Post recently ran an article (link below for a version on msn.com) about Nike. Nike probably felt that they were being proactive, but the only reason they did the “deeper dive” into their compensation analytics was in response to complaints by employees. It’s not proactive if you’re responding – it’s reactive. According to the Washington Post (and this is a reasonable fear), Nike has opened itself up to the potential of a class-action lawsuit from those individuals who have received pay raises due to their reactivity (not necessarily a bad thing) and their communication strategy around the project being less than ideal.

Washington Post article

There are best practices for Pay Equity analysis and it's an important time to explore them.

At OutSolve, we not only have the expertise to make sure that we provide you with the expert analysis and advice to ensure that you are paying fairly, but we also have the expertise to help you act on the recommendations in a manner that reduces your risk of class-action lawsuits regarding back pay and discrimination. Our three step process of Pay Equity will make sure that you are in the headlines touting your company for caring about pay fairness and not because you’re defending yourself for doing the right thing. Work with an organization that knows the ropes and treats you as a partner. Our success is based on yours. Work with OutSolve.

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