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OutSolve's Staff Gets the Job Done!

Scott Kushner

OutSolve celebrates its 21st anniversary...and shows appreciation for its hardworking and dedicated staff

The nature of the compliance business is cyclical.

There are established deadlines, heavy auditing periods and circumstantial waves of activity that cause workflow to ebb and flow throughout the year.

But, rarely was there a high-water mark like the Summer of 2019, which enacted the first submission of the EEO-1 Component 2 report, on top of the typically busy third quarter deadline date, causing shockwaves across the industry.

Despite the unexpected burden and unusually heavy lift, OutSolve was there to handle it. And when the dust settled, it was time to celebrate the accomplishment…and the company’s 21st anniversary having been founded in October 1998.

So, OutSolve did it in OutSolve’s style.

OutSolve's 21st Anniversary and Employee Appreciation Day 2019

It was congratulatory, collaborative, and inventive, utilizing an array of activities to celebrate the occasion.

“I just wanted everyone to know we genuinely appreciated their effort,” CEO Jeremy Mancheksi said. “And it was important to not just acknowledge how much was accomplished, but reward it in a style fit for who we are.”

Mission accomplished.

Not only did the entire far-flung staff of the rapidly growing company gather in one place, but there were a series of events, bonuses and games to dole out recognition and spark camaraderie.

“It was so nice of Outsolve to take the time to show appreciation for our employees,” said senior consultant Elizabeth Gienger. “It made us feel that our hard work was both noticed and valued.”

At a company that’s grown exponentially over the past five years, it provided a rare chance to meet and reconnect with peers whose names are seen far more often than their faces.

And it provided an ideal backdrop to celebrate a collection of promotions, job changes and team adjustments with the whole company on hand to applaud the achievements.

“Even with our workforce more than doubling in size, we are mindful of the small company feel that keeps our employees engaged and feeling they are valued,” said Patrick Savoy, Vice President of Operations. “Events like our Employee Appreciation outing celebrated efforts and achievement, but also gave us a chance to get to know our newer employees outside of the grinds of work.”

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