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OutSolve's 20th Anniversary: Team Building

Jeremy Mancheski

A bad interview almost caused OutSolve to lose out on one of its hardest-working staff members.

One very early morning in late 2003, into my office walked a very anxious young woman for a job interview. She was a recommendation from her brother, Steve Claverie. After 5 minutes speaking with her, I was wondering how I would tell Steve that I didn’t think his younger sister was right for OutSolve. She was overly nervous and seemingly not prepared for the interview. She left that day as a solid “no” in my mind. Only as a courtesy did I agree to speak with her a second time.

When I came for the OutSolve interview, I was worried my current boss, who was very demanding, would find out I was interviewing for another job. I tried to rush through the interview to get to work on time and not cause waves at my current job. Steve always talked highly of OutSolve, but I was hesitant to make a change. Being part of the OutSolve team and partnering with my clients have become like a family to me. I am so glad I made the move.

Vickie LeNormand, Director of Operations\Team Lead

Well, I was wrong. During that first interview, Vickie – like she has been every single day she has been at OutSolve – was worried about what she had to accomplish that day. She was laser focused on her job and didn’t have time for an interview. Once I realized her dedication and commitment, I had no choice but to hire her.

Vickie LeNormand

She may indeed be the hardest-working, most dedicated staff member at OutSolve. Her clients have grown to rely on her as a member of their team. When client contacts leave and find other employment, they call OutSolve and ask for Vickie time and time again. Currently, Vickie is the Director of Operations and a Team Lead managing several consultants and assistants. I don’t know where we would be if I had relied on my instincts alone.

The team was coming together.

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