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OutSolve's 20th Anniversary: New Clients and Some New Faces

Jeremy Mancheski

The saga continues...

It wasn’t long after OutSolve’s debut that things got interesting. Early on there were many who took a shot on OutSolve as their affirmative action plan provider. It would be easy and self-serving to think that the company had a unique offering and a seasoned staff who could instantly service large clients, but that just wasn’t the case. In fact, I have incredible gratitude to many of our earliest customers – in particular, CBS and Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

OutSolve is extremely professional and they have never let us down. Janine and Jeremy and the whole team have supported us through multiple plan changes and audits, among other services, and we rely on their knowledge and expertise implicitly. Importantly, as OutSolve has deservedly grown in size, it continues to deliver the same personalized service it has provided us from the very beginning,

Robin Bona at CBS Corporation

Janine Walsdorf and Jeremy Mancheski

Robin, who has HR responsibility for television stations, was one of the very first large clients to take a big risk by allowing our new company to support her compliance needs. Another client that we would be remiss not to discuss is Enterprise Rent-a-Car. Their staff of Regional HR Managers and a new VP of Human Resources, Ed Adams, allowed us the opportunity to try out a new approach to compliance reporting. We were the proverbial duck on calm water – placid to onlookers, but working like crazy just below the surface. We needed staff and quickly.

Employees No. 1 and No. 2 remain with us to this day – Janine Walsdorf and Patrick Savoy. Quick bit of OutSolve trivia – there remains debate between these two as to who is actually the longest tenured employee. Janine came first right out of college with Patrick not far behind as an intern. Seems like Janine must be the longest tenured employee, right? Actually, Janine left us for a short time and returned only to confuse the issue and create the internal controversy.

Today, Janine continues to support CBS and Patrick is an invaluable member of the Enterprise compliance team.

Patrick Savoy

OutSolve has been a true business partner with Enterprise Holdings for nearly twenty years. During this time our organization has experienced tremendous growth, and OutSolve has been a valuable resource to ensure our Affirmative Action processes are sound. And, their culture of service has been strong throughout. They have provided support through OFCCP audits, created customized reporting, answered endless questions and even provided personal training to HR team members. Patrick, our consultant, feels more like an Enterprise Holdings team member than an outside resource. I highly recommend OutSolve and look forward to working with them for many years to come!

Renee Brychel, Vice President of Human Resources with Enterprise Holdings

We are humbled by the clients and staff who have made 20 years seem to fly right by.

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