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OutSolve's 20th Anniversary: Getting Strong Now

Jeremy Mancheski

OutSolve creates a team approach.

Where’s the talent? Affirmative action planning consultants don’t grow on trees, and there is no curriculum at any school teaching the specific skills related to our process. We were growing and even the most dedicated team had its limits. We needed to do something bold if we intended to continue our trajectory. Enter the consultant assistants.

One important part of any work environment is the ability to develop new skills and a career path. By taking bright and eager individuals with a desire to learn, we were able to offload some tasks from more senior-level consultants who could mentor and teach the entire process to create future masters of affirmative action planning and compliance. As a result our clients now have a “team” of individuals who are available to assist including Team Leads, Consultants, and Consultant Assistants. It took a great deal of time and some very hard work by many people, but a real career path exists at OutSolve.

Ma Que Hollins, Chloe Crosby, Elizabeth Gienger
Christina Liang
Joan Liang

Proof can be found in Chloe Crosby, Joan Liang, Ma Que Hollins, Christina Liang, and Elizabeth Gienger…all former consultant assistants who are now full consultants at OutSolve. Their dedication and professionalism continue to fuel our growth and make me proud every day.

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