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OutSolve's 20th Anniversary: Change, Everywhere

Jeremy Mancheski

Software and changes...

It wasn’t very long after OutSolve started that we needed more of just about everything. Change, in more ways than we could have expected, was inevitable…

Every 10 years the Census Bureau releases an EEO tabulation which becomes the reference for employee availability for the next 10 year cycle. As the 2000 tabulation was being developed and knowing that implementing this file would be critical to OutSolve’s continued success, we had to answer a critical question – is it time to be fully independent and develop our own proprietary software? Control over our own destiny was surely a clear notch in the “pro” column, but there were so very many cons ranging from cost to our inexperience with software development. Throwing caution to the wind and in an attempt to make the best decision with the facts available, we decided to hire a firm to develop a new software application.

Sometimes you just get lucky.

A very young Steve Claverie was a software developer working for a firm in New Orleans. Through a referral we hired this firm to create the application that would help define our business. As the development was ending, Steve opted to accept a permanent role at OutSolve.

Steve Claverie

When I first visited OutSolve’s office to begin the design of what would become the OutSolve Plan Management System, it was interesting to say the least. A handful of employees in a small office in a strip mall…you would never know that OutSolve’s client list was some of the largest national companies around. I took that initial thought to heart as I was designing the software. The system needed to be efficient and nimble as possible to allow for quick execution and turn around, while still allowing for maximum flexibility to provide custom reporting. Almost 20 years later, the core software has gone through significant changes and improvements since that initial build, but the core philosophy behind it remains the same. I think that’s one of the things that makes us unique to this day and sets us apart from our competitors.

Steve Claverie, Vice President of Technology at OutSolve

With Steve on board, we felt unstoppable…that is until one seemingly perfect day in the fall of 2001. It wasn’t 10 minutes after the first plane hit the World Trade Center on 9/11 that the notifications started to roll in. You see, the airlines including those most directly impacted by the day were then and remain to this day clients of OutSolve. I recall being on the phone with members of their staff crying and overwhelmed by the confusion of the day. It was truly heartbreaking.

It seemed the whole world was changing quickly before our eyes.

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