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OutSolve's 20th Anniversary: Bigger and Still Better

Jeremy Mancheski

At a crossroads, OutSolve looks to an aggressive strategy

Every company faces a crossroads at some point. OutSolve’s three owners had varying ages and career goals which created some conflict in the company’s trajectory. It became apparent that we had to choose a path. My path involved growing OutSolve into the singular best affirmative action plan provider. To do this the company needed an aggressive strategy to include financing a transition of ownership.

As a business owner I would often get pitched offers to sell OutSolve, buy out partners, or add financing for growth. Most of these private equity groups either undervalue the company or attempt to change the vision you set forth. Reluctantly, in the spring of 2016 I took a meeting with Matt Kelty and Kevin Cunningham of LNC Partners…surely, their pitch would be no different. Three days before the presidential election in November 2016 I reached an agreement with LNC.

Almost immediately I saw something refreshing. They wanted to collaborate with me on the growth strategy and direction to reach our goals. I had heard horror stories of financial investors becoming overlords, but two years later I am proud to say that they have been true partners. Their analysis and reporting is an integral part of OutSolve’s execution. Together, we began to build a better company poised for bigger things.

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