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OutSolve's 20th Anniversary: Big Company Additions

Jeremy Mancheski

OutSolve was preparing for growth.

My two partners at the time, Kathy Panzeca and Tracy Read, were inching towards retirement. They both had long careers, and OutSolve’s incremental growth at that time was all they really wanted. I knew that we could do better, and I was certain that the team we were assembling could do so much more.

Kathy Panzeca, Tracy Read, and Jeremy Mancheski

Kathy decided she would retire in 2014. Tracy would not be far behind. As they both handled the majority of the administrative functions for the company, we would need someone who could elevate those processes. It was a Monday morning when I walked into Tracy’s office with an idea that came as a shock to her. I wanted to hire her husband, Baldwin Read. Her question was simple, “Why?” The answer was simple – Baldwin had previously worked in a similar capacity for a local company that had grown substantially, and we needed his expertise. Further, all of us could trust him without reservation.

Baldwin Read

Ever since, Baldwin has been an integral part of the architecture of this place. He manages to be the voice of reason and a sounding board for ideas – good and bad – all while keeping us focused. Soon thereafter Tracy retired. Now we had all the pieces in place and were ready to make some big moves.

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