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OutSolve's 20th Anniversary: A Case for Sales

Jeremy Mancheski

OutSolve expands to include a salesperson

OutSolve was doing well. New business was coming in, but there were limitations to our approach to obtaining new clients. Naively, we eschewed job titles – everyone could do everything…AAPs, accounting, strategy, client development, and sales…all in a day’s work. There came a point when it was clear - in order to grow we needed a salesperson.

How do you find a salesperson who can sell affirmative action plans and the concept of compliance? We had no clue where to begin so we contracted with a recruiter who provided two candidates. The first was a career salesperson who had done research on the company, had great suggestions, and was poised for the opportunity. The second was a friend of the recruiter just to have a comparison.

I made the clear case that this decision was easy – go with the first one! It was rare that my partners and I would disagree on something so very fundamental as this hire, but there was a battle over this decision. Thankfully, and without regret, I lost and we hired Eli St. Julien.

Eli St. Julien

I took the interview as a courtesy…I wasn’t looking for a job…I was with a fortune 100 company and had just returned from a one week all-expense paid family trip to Hawaii that I won for my performance at that employer. But when I sat down with the owners of this small, insignificant, two year old company, saw the fire in their eyes and listened to their passionate optimism and determination to one day lead their industry, I wanted to be a part of that David and Goliath story.

Eli St. Julien, Vice President of Sales at OutSolve

That was 2000 and still to this day he manages to impress. I consider Eli critical to the success of OutSolve in many ways – not just sales. He has been my partner on the road, a mentor, and put me in my place on many occasions when I needed it most.

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