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OutSolve - Supporting Audits under the New Regulations Structure

OutSolve is prepared to support the new OFCCP audits.

In 2014, the world of Federal Affirmative Action compliance is undertaking the biggest change in requirements and processes since the 1970's. With both the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act (VEVRAA) and Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act being almost completely re-written, contractors will now need to expend significantly more resources to remain compliant with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance's (OFCCP) new expectations.

As a result of these upcoming changes, there has been a tidal wave of webinars, blogs, articles and conference presentations discussing the impact of these changes and how contractors should adapt to a changed and ever evolving compliance environment. While there are many opinions ranging from agreement to total disagreement on how to manage these changes, a few things are universally agreed upon. First, the changes require more time and resources to be in compliance and second, the cost of compliance is going up.

So what should a contractor do to keep their head above water? Put simply, compliance and HR staff needs to do a lot more work to adapt to the new regulations as OFCCP gears up in 2014 to audit the progress contractors are making in recruitment of veterans and individuals with a disability.

At OutSolve, we have supported OFCCP audits for years and we see several trends that contractors need to focus on beginning with the change in administrations in 2009 and continuing at least through 2016.

* The conversion at OFCCP from specific analysis targets to a broader EEO Investigation style of compliance review

* Increase in the number and length of audits due to higher OFCCP budget and increase in the number of Compliance Officers conducting audits

* Year-by-year uptick in the number of violations in almost every category of an audit including hiring, compensation, and failure to fulfill the Veteran/Disability requirements

* Clear expectation from OFCCP that there will be a focus on the new regulations requiring contractors to undertake documented efforts in outreach, recruitment and focused consideration of veterans and individuals with a disability in the hiring and employee management process

So, now that we have highlighted where contractors need to focus their attention, what does the OutSolve team recommend?

The answer is simple:

to avoid wasted (and costly) efforts trying to interpret and implement the new regulations including complex and lengthy audits, Federal contractors need to connect themselves with a reliable expert in the field.

Organizations that got by without experienced help in the past can no longer rely on last minute cramming efforts to get by. Being supported by OutSolve has proven to benefit contractors in many ways including:

  1. complete plans that have survived scrutiny by OFCCP in literally hundreds of audits
  2. shorter audit cycles
  3. unlimited compliance support.

This level of support is critical as we cross the threshold date for utilizing the new regulations. OutSolve is fully prepared to support the new regulations and our clients have been receiving training and support on the changes since they were announced. If you want to successfully transition into the new era of compliance, contact OutSolve today.

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