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Oracle’s Battle with DOL Continues


DOL accuses Oracle of suggestion of “secret” deal

OFCCP was offended by Oracle America Inc.’s insinuation that the agency cut “secret” deals with lawyers for workers suing the company for pay bias. OFCCP claims that Oracle has no evidence to back up those and other “inflammatory accusation” and made them in an effort to “deflect attention from OFCCP’s serious allegations of discrimination.” OFCCP accused Oracle of participating “in rank speculation about the nefarious reasons” behind the agency’s agreement with plaintiffs’ attorneys which OFCCP claims were above board and not secret since a written copy of the deal was provided to Oracle in June.

This comes on the heels of Oracle’s accusation the OFCCP disparaged the company when it expanded its administrative suit alleging that Oracle underpaid women and minorities. Additionally, Oracle accused OFCCP of possibly cutting hidden information-sharing deals with attorneys for the plaintiff to strengthen private lawsuits. Plaintiffs’ attorney James Finberg, representing over 4,000 female Oracle employees in California, told Law360 that the common interest agreement between the DOL and Oracle workers “is not secret” and that there is “nothing inappropriate” about an information-sharing agreement between two parties “with overlapping claims and clients.” The 4,000 claimants allege that they were underpaid by about $13,000 each for doing the same work as their male peers.

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