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OFCCP's Introduces Mega Construction Project (MCP) Program


Content from OFCCP Press Release

You can read more about our expanded MCP Program at www.dol.gov/ofccp/mcp/mcp.htm.

OFCCP announces the expansion of its Mega Construction Project (MCP) program. An MCP is a major federally funded or federally assisted construction project that OFCCP selects for focused community outreach, technical assistance, and compliance evaluation, engaging the different stakeholders in a community from the earliest stages of the project. Because of this intensive and "front-end" approach, OFCCP believes that MCPs are the most effective strategy for achieving contractors' compliance with OFCCP's regulations and, ultimately, for increasing the representation of women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and protected veterans in the trades. That is why, building on its work on existing MCPs, OFCCP is now launching a comprehensive MCP Program that utilizes new, standardized processes, expanded resources, experienced new staff, and appropriate agency oversight and is bringing more expertise to the challenge by establishing a new national director position for the MCP Program.

A selected question from the FAQ page to summarize the program:

  1. How is the expanded Mega Construction Project Program different from what OFCCP has done previously with mega construction projects?

By devoting more resources to the Mega Construction Project (MCP) Program, OFCCP will ensure that equal opportunity is embedded in the design of some of the most significant construction projects funded by taxpayer dollars and that the commitment to equal opportunity continues throughout the life of these projects. For the first time, OFCCP is aligning agency policies, procedures, staffing, and funding at the national level and across all regions to institutionalize the MCP Program. Specifically, OFCCP is —

designating a national MCP Program coordinator;

institutionalizing national office oversight;

adding staff with expertise to the regional MCP Program teams to maximize recruitment, identify discrimination and overcome barriers to opportunity in the construction trades;

increasing the number of MCPs it is conducting; and

expanding the resources available to support the Program.

These changes will make OFCCP’s oversight of and engagement with some of this nation’s largest federally funded and federally assisted construction projects significantly more effective.

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