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OFCCP’s Double Down on Compensation

The Calm before the Storm?

Acting Director Craig Leen made himself very clear at the recent NILG conference in Anaheim, California. Federal contractors would be remiss to believe that the recent “slowing” of audits means that the OFCCP is putting compliance on the back-burner. He insisted that it’s quite the opposite and he’s planning on doubling down on compensation requests and reviews.

Here’s what we know. The OFCCP is in the planning stage. They are planning for two reasons. The first is to be more transparent and ensure that all Regional Directors and Compliance Officers are following a customer-oriented playbook. One that they will be happy to show you as a Federal Contractor. The second is because they are getting ready to begin a push. If you know EXACTLY what they are going to look at and how they are going to look at it, you have no excuse for non-compliance. For compensation, Acting Director Leen was clear that pay disparity in the workplace that can be attributed to race, gender and/or disability has no place in America. “America is a land of opportunity, and it’s our job to make sure that people are compensated fairly for their work.”

This is the eye of the compliance hurricane. Planning takes time. If you have any concerns over your compensation strategies and realities, this is the time to proactively prepare for 2019. At OutSolve we have the capabilities to ensure that you will be compliant with OFCCP and help you achieve Proactive Pay Equity to keep you safe with regards to any currently passed or pending state equal pay laws. Give us a call and let’s discuss your options.


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