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OFCCP Posts Notice of Lawsuit vs Federal Contractor Alleging Hiring Discrimination

Chris Lindholm

OFCCP continues to aggressively seek out contractors that discriminate against job seekers

For many years now, OFCCP has been posting press releases where they have uncovered alleged discrimination against Federal contractors where members of a certain race or gender were not given the same opportunity to be hired as their counterparts. The food processing industry has been hit especially hard over the last decade, at least partially due to the fact that they have many entry level jobs with a high volume of applicants and hires. High volume hiring results in a greater statistical chance of problem areas being found making contractors vulnerable to exposure during compliance reviews.

On November 16th, OFCCP posted their latest case involving a beef processing plant in Utah. See details below:

From OFCCP Press Release:

Link to full document: http://www.dol.gov/opa/media/press/ofccp/OFCCP20142154.htm

Excerpt: HYRUM, Utah — JBS USA systematically discriminated against qualified female, Caucasian, African American and Native American applicants seeking entry-level jobs at its beef-processing plant in Hyrum, a lawsuit by the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs alleged. Filed with the department's Office of Administrative Law Judges, the complaint followed an OFCCP investigation, which also found JBS failed to perform in-depth analyses of its employment processes to determine if impediments to equal employment opportunity existed, as required in JBS's federal contracts and by OFCCP regulations.

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