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OFCCP Posts Annual Budget Justification Document

OutSolve has reviewed OFCCP's most recent budget plan and provides highlights and insights.

The OFCCP has posted their annual budget plan that reviews recent successes as part of it's funding request for the following fiscal year, in this case the 2015 cycle that begins on October 1st, 2014.

The full document can be found here:


Highlights of the OFCCP budget justification include a numeric table comparing current activity and future audit expectations:

  • in Fiscal Year 2013 OFCCP completed 3,898 service and supply audits (the goal was 3,840)
  • The target for 2014 and 2015 is 3,840 service and supply audits
  • 85 Functional AAP (FAAP) audits were completed with a goal of 96
  • The goal for auditing approved functional AAP is 96 for 2014/2015
  • Construction audits are intended to number 450 in 2014/2015

OFCCP also listed key accomplishments from 2013 (not verbatim from text):

  • Completed the Final Rule updating VEVRAA and Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Quite possibly the most significant regulatory change in 40 years
  • Uncovered violations in 1/3 of audits resulting in $7.8 million dollars in back wages for 9,268 affected workers
  • Rescinded previous compensation guidelines giving way to Directive 307 which allows greater flexibility in compensation investigation methods
  • Conducted 687 compliance assistance events
  • Released updated Federal Contract Compliance Manual Update (FCCM) the first update in over 20 years

Perhaps the area of greatest interest is the text that reviews the future plans of OFCCP. Here is the short version in our words:

  • OFCCP has been building momentum with their plan to eliminate pay disparity in race and gender
  • Seek to add additional staff with analysis skill-sets
  • Increase efforts to eliminate discrimination in the construction trades
  • Strengthen outreach to community based organizations
  • Release updated Scheduling Letter emphasizing expanded data collection options (the current audit letter has been renewed repeatedly)
  • Implement an enterprise-wide investigation process instead of only focusing on establishments (This would change the audit landscape dramatically. We have heard that if attempted there could be a legal challenge)

Stay tuned to this blog for notes from the upcoming SWARM and NILG conferences this spring and summer.

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