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OFCCP Issues FAQs on Practical Significance in EEO Analysis


OFCCP addresses five questions pertaining to Practical Significance

OutSolve comment: Practical significance was a commonly discussed topic as part of the Uniform Guidelines in years past but it seemed to fall out of favor over time due to the challenge of interpretation and implementation. It is interesting to see it coming back into the conversation as part of significance as applied in an OFCCP audit. Especially as a universally applied format has not fully taken shape yet. In other words, this is worth paying attention to. See see link to the FAQs with insight attached to the OFCCP responses.

OFCCP text:

OFCCP FAQs answers the following questions:

  1. What is practical significance?

  2. How is practical significance related to statistical significance?

  3. How is practical significance measured?

  4. Do the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures address practical significance?

  5. Does OFCCP consider practical significance during a compliance review?

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