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OFCCP Document Identifies Rights and Expectations of Contractors


“What Federal Contractors Can Expect” released by OFCCP

Last week during the National Industry Liaison Group’s national conference in Anaheim, the OFCCP released a document, What Federal Contractors Can Expect, outlining the rights and expectations of government contractors. This document was derived from information obtained at the various OFCCP Town Hall Meetings which included the focus areas identified in OFCCP’s Town Hall Action Plan, released in April 2018. For more on the Town Hall Action Plan, see OutSolve's blog post here.

The document states that “Contractors and subcontractors [hereafter referred to generally as “contractors”) seeking OFCCP’s assistance in satisfying their nondiscrimination and equal employment opportunity obligations can expect clear, accurate, and professional interactions with OFCCP’s staff.

The document elaborates on the following areas:

• Access to Accurate Compliance Assistance Material

• Timely Responses to Compliance Assistance Questions

• Opportunities to Provide Meaningful Feedback and Collaborate

• Professional Conduct by OFCCP’s Compliance Staff

• Neutral Scheduling of Compliance Evaluations

• Reasonable Opportunity to Discuss Compliance Evaluation Concerns

• Timely and Efficient Progress of Compliance Evaluations

• Confidentiality

Even though OFCCP appears to be moving in the direction of collaboration and transparency, contractors should not be fooled into forgetting that OFCCP is still, first and foremost, a compliance agency with the mission to enforce anti-discrimination.

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