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OFCCP Announces Record FY 2019 for Monetary Settlements and Compliance Assistance


OFCCP obtained $40,569,816 in monetary settlement for affected class members

FY 2019 turned out to be one of the most successful years for OFCCP with regard to monetary settlements and compliance assistance. OFCCP obtained a record $40,569,816 in monetary settlements which was more than $16 million higher than FY 2017, which set the previous record. The total three-year monetary settlements for FY 2017 – 2019 exceeded the settlements obtained during the prior seven years of FY 2010 – 2016 combined.

OFCCP attributes the Early Resolution Procedures program created in FY 2019 as leading to corporate-wide settlements occurring early in the review process. Contractors entering into agreements through this program will also provide corporate-wide reports to OFCCP for five years following the settlement. Two notable settlements occurred in FY 2019 included Bank of America NA who agreed to pay $4.2 million in back wages and interest to African American, Hispanic and female job applicants in four states. OFCCP said that “this settlement was one of the largest settlements in the agency’s history.” Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC also paid more than $9.9 million in back pay and interest to approximately 600 employees at their New York headquarters to resolve race and gender-based compensation claims.

With regard to compliance assistance, OFCCP answered a record 4,500 Help Desk inquiries which was the highest amount in a single year.

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