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OFCCP and Analysis Group, Inc. Settle Allegations of Hiring and Compensation Discrimination


Analysis Group will pay $410,000 to resolve discrimination allegations at several of U.S. facilities

OFCCP and Boston-based Analysis Group Inc., one of the nation’s largest litigation support firms, have entered into a conciliation agreement to resolve allegations of hiring and compensation discrimination at several U.S. facilities. In FY 2019, the company received payments totaling over $19 million in federal contracts.

The agreement follows an investigation that took place from January 1, 2012 to August 31, 2013, which found that the company discriminated against 417 Asian applicants for analyst positions and 10 Hispanic individuals employed as analysts and senior analysts by paying them lower bonuses in the 2013 bonus cycle than comparable white employees. The company will pay $384,636.30 in back pay and interest to the Asian applicants and will provide analyst job opportunities to eight affect applicants. They will also pay $25,363.70 in back pay and interest to 10 Hispanic employees and take steps to ensure its personnel and compensation practices meet legal requirements.

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