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NILG Conference is in the Rear-View Mirror… Now What?


National ILG in San Antonio concluded on Friday, August 4th

You’ve returned from the NILG conference, excited to implement the Best Practices you now have at your fingertips as well as share all the fantastic things you’ve learned. But wait – you find the reception of these great ideas are luke-warm at best from your co-workers and senior leaders.

And the glow from your conference experience begins to dim….

Many conference attendees experience frustration when they are unable to transfer their newly acquired knowledge into every day practices, whether it be due to limited resources, a focus in other areas where the fires are burning brighter, or your limited “voice at the table”. But please do not lose your enthusiasm for enhancing compliance efforts at your place of employment!

Tips to Keep the Post-Conference Energy Going

  1. Triage Your Risk: If you are not given carte blanche to correct or enhance all the areas on your newly created To Do list, triage these items to determine which carry the most risk if not completed.
  2. Know Your Processes: Thoroughly understand the current processes and systems so you can present your case in an intelligent manner.
  3. Pick Your Battles: Understanding that resources are most likely limited, re-evaluate your To Do list after estimating the time it will take to complete each item as well any cost associated with change.
  4. Impact to Bottom Line: Research if any other companies have received penalties (either monetarily or by publicity) during audits for failure to follow this process. Remember that money talks and the quickest way to capture and sustain attention is being able to provide the potential impact to the bottom line for non-compliance.
  5. Present Your Case: Once you are armed with all the above information, you are ready to present an intelligent, well-thought out and researched case for change. Take the current gift of a quiet OFCCP (regulation-wise) and tidy up your processes and systems.
  6. Continue to Network: Knowledge is energy! The worst thing you can now do is to go back to your place of employment and allow yourself to be buried, not coming up for air until the next NILG conference. Continue to network and learn new things – whether it be by joining your local ILG, getting involved with local outreach organizations, or even volunteering to be on a committee for the 2018 NILG conference. Don’t fall prey to the “you don’t know what you don’t know” effect – get active and make a change!

Don't forget to sign up for our NILG recap webinar next Thursday, August 17th! Register here: Join us as we review the national conference and all the EEO industry updates! https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8221557894048627204

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