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Methodology for Developing the Supplement to the FY 2018 Supply & Service Scheduling List


(OFCCP Update) SL18R1 Supplement: October 22, 2018

On March 19, 2018, OFCCP issued the first release of its FY 2018 supply and service scheduling list (SL18 First Release). The SL18 First Release scheduling methodology is posted on OFCCP’s website at: https://www.dol.gov/ofccp/scheduling/SL18R1Methodology-WebsiteESQA508c.pdf. OFCCP is now releasing a supplemental scheduling list to insure that the agency’s district and area offices have a sufficient number of available establishments to schedule for compliance reviews until OFCCP releases a new scheduling list, which is expected in early 2019.

OFCCP compiled this supplemental scheduling list from the “Available Pool” of eligible establishments that resulted from OFCCP’s SL18 First Release Methodology. In creating this supplemental scheduling list, OFCCP refined the SL18R1 Available Pool by removing all establishments with contracts expiring on or before December 31, 2018. Based on OFCCP’s available human resources as of August 7, 2018, the agency capped this supplemental scheduling list at 750 establishments from the Available Pool. Each OFCCP district office received a share of the total list proportionate to the district office’s FTE count.

As in the SL18 First Release Methodology, the supplemental Available Pool was ordered by employee count (highest to lowest) within each district office. OFCCP applied the following criteria to select the specific number of establishments that each district office received for scheduling: (1) priority for establishments with higher employee count regardless of Direct or Associate establishment status, (2) OFCCP combined the number of establishments of any parent company from both the SL18 First Release and this supplemental list to insure that no more than 10 establishments of any parent company were listed for review, (3) no district office had more than four establishments of the same company included in this supplemental list, (4) no district office had more than two FAAP units included in this supplemental list, and (5) no district office had more than two corporate/regional headquarter (CMCE) reviews included in this supplemental list. Once all establishments for this release were identified, they were randomly ordered, uploaded into the Case Management System and appended to district offices’ lists of unscheduled establishments. As noted in the SL18 First Release Methodology, OFCCP does not purge unscheduled cases from prior lists before releasing a new scheduling list.

DISCLAIMER: OFCCP’s decision to publish its scheduling methodology is voluntary. OFCCP has no legal obligation to publish its methodology and will revisit the decision to publish its scheduling methodology each time the methodology is revised.

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