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JBS USA Settles Two OFCCP Lawsuits with Consent Decree


JBS will pay $4 million in back wages to 12,625 class members and hire 1,664 applicants

OFCCP filed two lawsuits against JBS USA in December 1, 2014 and December 9, 2016 alleging systemic hiring discrimination. The initial lawsuit alleged systemic hiring discrimination against qualified female, Caucasian, African-American and Native American applicants seeking entry-level jobs at their Utah beef processing plant. The second lawsuit alleged hiring discrimination against qualified American Indian/Alaskan Native, African-American, Hispanic, and Caucasian applicants, while favoring Asian applicants, for general production jobs in their Texas plant.

JBS USA denied liability; however, agreed to pay $4 million in back wages and other monetary relief to 12,625 class members and hire 1,664 of the applicants identified in the class. As part of the consent decree, OFCCP and JBS USA will undertake a five-year collaboration to “enhance JBS’ company-wide compliance with E.O. 11246 and to foster constructive relationship between the agency and the contractor.”

JBS USA Lux S.A. and Swift Beef Co. are wholly owned subsidiaries of Brazilian meat processing giant JBS S.A. The consent decree also states that JBS USA and Pilgrim’s Pride, a poultry processor and JBS subsidiary, will retain an independent workplace consultant to review and revise the hiring process for general production laborers at all of their U.S. meat processing plants.

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