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Increased Resources on the OFCCP Website


OFCCP recently added enforcement statistics and wage disparity data

From the OFCCP homepage in the “Resources” section, you can find links to the following two new pages.

OFCCP by the numbers

Earnings Disparities Data

On the OFCCP by the numbers page, OFCCP boosts about its successes with the following information covering the time period of 2009 through 2016.

• Total monetary relief - $85.9 million

• Employees and job seekers receiving monetary relief – 147,000

• Job opportunities and salary adjustments based on settlements – 13,000

• Number of workers covered by compliance reviews – 12.3 million

This page also provides links to the following additional downloadable MS Excel statistical tables starting with FY 2007 and covering through the third quarter of FY 2017.

• Supply and service compliance evaluations conducted

• Construction compliance evaluations conducted

• Monetary relief obtained

• Complaints received, by basis

• Complaints received, by employment practice

• Complaint investigation outcomes

A recap of the numbers for the first three quarters of FY 2017 shows that OFCCP completed 831 supply and service compliance reviews covering 527,607 employees and job seekers. Of all of the reviews, 154 (18.5%) ended with signed conciliation agreements and/or consent decrees. There were also 84 construction contractor reviews completed, of which 64 (76.2%) involved the Mega Construction Project program. Of the 64, 45 (53.6%) resulted in either a conciliation agreement or consent decree.

In total, during this period, OFCCP obtained $10,914 million for 7,682 affected class members. This included relief for four workers totaling $80,702 from 79 complaints.

In the Earnings Disparities Data page OFCCP displays two charts for national data and for each state: (1) earnings disparity relative to male workers and (2) earnings disparity relative to white workers. The charts further identify the following information.

• Number of workers

• Share of workers

• Average monthly earnings

• Earnings per dollar

The data was gathered from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey five-year estimates covering 2009 through 2013.

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