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Fake News

Jeremy Mancheski

Don't believe the hype. A measured response to a real change is best practice.

An OutSolve consultant recently came to me with an email from a client that referenced a press release on a new OFCCP procedure. That client had received this information from a competitor before hearing it straight from us. Surely, we must be lacking the timely distribution of critical information, right?

That is one perspective. Alternately, could there be such a rush to be “first” to the contractor community that the mere rumor or hint of something new becomes validation? I say yes. In fact, the next week at least one law firm and an affirmative action consulting firm rushed a release on a “major” expected proposal within OFCCP that would happen immediately. There was even detail on the likely methodology.

Those releases are now removed from their blogs. It didn’t happen. And this is not the first time.

OFCCP does little fast. Learning of a new proposal or process within an hour, a day, or a week will not provide an advantage, and the insinuation of a murky “shift” in policy does not benefit you as a federal contractor. A measured response to a real change is best practice.

OutSolve will always send timely detail on verified information with practical solutions.

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