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EEOC Public Meeting on Preventing Harassment Identifies Steps Employers Can Take to Change Workplace Culture


Leadership and accountability throughout the organization is the key to changing culture

Feedback gathered at a public meeting entitled “Revamping Workplace Culture to Prevent Harassment” indicates that a holistic approach by employers is needed to change workplace culture to prevent harassment. According to Acting Chair Victoria Lipnic “leadership and accountability set the tone and the expectation that harassment will not be tolerated in a workplace.”

During FY 2018 EEOC reported a 13.6% increase in sexual harassment charges and a 50% increase in lawsuits filed alleging sexual harassment. Also, on the EEOC’s sexual harassment webpage, hits have doubled in the past year since the start of the #MeToo movement.

The key points identified at the meeting include:

• Accountability must occur throughout the organization from line employees, to supervisors, to the CEO and the Board,

• The composition of the board and its oversight of the CEO is critical,

• Companies must have the right policies and procedures and innovative training,

• Employers need to implement a holistic, multi-faceted approach with committed leaders setting the right tone.

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