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EEOC-OFCCP merger no longer happening


Merger is off, but OFCCP still directed to consolidate

The merger is off.

For months, rumblings out of Washington D.C suggested the nascent Trump administration sought to combine the two equal opportunity agencies, the EEOC and OFCCP, to decrease redundancy inside the federal government.

This week, however, it appears those plans were foiled.

The Senate Appropriations Committee rejected the proposed merger and “strongly encouraged” the OFCCP to seek efficiencies which could help trim their future budgets and streamline the agency.

“This should include a review of the current budget structure,” the committee wrote. “This should include a review of the current OFCCP office locations and infrastructure across the country and whether these offices align with the current workload needs.”

The committee set the OFCCP with a task to report an inventory of its restructured infrastructure and plans to consolidate the agency within the next 180 days.

It’s unclear exactly how this will affect the OFCCP’s enforcement but at least it appears the agency’s autonomy will remain intact, a significant statement in today’s landscape.

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