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EEOC FY 2017 Litigation Trends


Legal filings increased from 2016

It was anticipated that under the Trump Administration EEOC legal filings would be reduced in FY 2017; however, there were 48 more lawsuits filed in comparison to FY 2016. In summary, there were 136 legal filings in FY 2016 compared to 184 in FY 2017 with most of the activity occurring during the last month of the FY with 88 filings.

The Los Angeles and Chicago offices had the most filings with 22 and 21 respectively. In FY 2016 the Phoenix office filed the most lawsuits; however, they only filed seven in FY 2017. As mirrored by Acting Commission Victoria Lipnic’s comments about the government’s focus on pay concerns, EEOC filed 11 lawsuits involving pay decisions under the Equal Pay Act. This compares to six EPA lawsuits filed in FY 2016.

We will share more information later in the year when EEOC releases details about its FY 2017 enforcement activity.

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