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Draft 2018 Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education (LHHS) funding bill released


OFCCP’s proposed budget cut is $10 million

The draft bill includes a total reduction of $5 billion below the FY 2017 enacted level. Cuts included funding to lower-priority programs and targeted investments in medical research, public health, biodefense, and activities to boost job growth. While the National Institutes of Health’s proposed budget increased by $1.1 billion, the Department of Labor’s (DOL) discretionary appropriations of $10.8 is $1.3 billion below the FY 2017 enacted level.

For the DOL, the bill focuses on funding for job training programs and labor enforcement and benefit protection agencies to fulfill their core missions. The bill provides the Veterans Employment and Training Service (VETS) $284 million which is $5 million above the FY 2017 level. This includes a $2.5 million increase to expand the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program. In the summary of the bill, you will find OFCCP listed in the lower-priority, unproven or unnecessary programs section with a proposed budget cut of $10 million.

Full text of the draft FY 2018 LHHS bill

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