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DOL Filed an Appeal on the ALJ’s decision on the Google Case


Another chapter in the Google v. OFCCP saga

As previously reported ALJ Steven Berlin ruled that OFCCP’s request was not reasonable and was unduly burdensome and ordered Google to provide only some, but not all of the OFCCP request. On August 23, 2017, the Department of Labor (DOL) filed an appeal of the decision and contends that the ALJ failed to “apply the proper Fourth Amendment standard.” They also indicated that Google should be ordered to “fully comply with OFCCP’s information requests, which include: employee-level compensation data from 2014, full salary and job history information for those employees listed in the 2014 dataset, and names and contact information for employees listed in the compensation data request.”

The DOL contends that the ALJ applied too high of a standard in assessing the reasonableness of the requests and too low of a burden standard in determining the OFCCP’s need for information. Google will have a chance to respond to the arguments made by the DOL prior to a ruling by the Administrative Review Board.

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