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DOL 2017 Financial Report Identifies OFCCP Fiscal Data and Performance Results


Financial report also identifies the agency’s goals going forward

The DOL’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer issued a 212 page report which provides fiscal data and summary performance results for each DOL agency. Additionally, the report identifies a brief statement of each agency’s goals going forward. The brief statement on the OFCCP can be found on pages 16 – 17.

The report explains that, since 2009, OFCCP has “refocused its efforts almost exclusively from systemic hiring discrimination on the basis of sex or race in low-wage jobs to systemic compensation discrimination,” including placement into lower paying jobs due to gender stereotyping. To accomplish this shift, the OFCCP “gradually reduced its case production to focus on fewer, but more complex high quality cases that span a wide variety of industries and job occupations” and invested in training front-line compliance officers and managers.

Summary of 2017 Results

OFCCP closed 1,142 compliance evaluations and obtained $23.9 million in financial remedies for 11,653 victims of discrimination. The OFCCP also completed 79% of construction evaluations from “high-impact construction projects that have a significant employment and economic impact on communities across the country.” The report identifies that ninety-three percent of the agency’s compliance evaluations were “free of major deficiencies that could otherwise impact the ability to identify discrimination or failure to engage in affirmative action.”

Goals Going Forward

In FY 2018, OFCCP will “explore new ways and launch new initiatives to encourage all contractors to voluntarily meet their mandatory compliance obligations.” The agency will “seek to implement a scheduling process for compliance evaluations that focuses on industries or sectors that have a greater likelihood of having compliance issues.” Moreover, “when compliance evaluations are conducted, they will be efficient and thorough, and appropriately transparent.”

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