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Director of OFCCP, Craig Leen, Addresses Accommodation Focused Reviews


Accommodation focused review letters will be sent out with the promotions focused review notices

OFCCP Director Craig Leen indicated that accommodation focused review letters “will be released at the same time” as promotions focused reviews. In a webinar on July 6, 2020, Leen mentioned that accommodation focused reviews will concentrate on both disability and religious accommodations. Leen compares disability accommodations with religious accommodations and said that “religion accommodations are granted.” We assume that he is insinuating that they are granted more than disability accommodations.

OFCCP is working on an opinion letter, and will be publishing guidance on disability and religious accommodations. According to Leen, government contractors “have a duty to not discriminate based on religion” and have a duty to do outreach. He also said that contractors should “take a look at religious accommodations to make sure you have a centralized accommodation list for that.”

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