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Department of Labor Releases 2016 OFCCP Budget Plan

Chris Lindholm

OFCCP budget plan to continue focus on audits and compensation

The Department of Labor has published OFCCPs 2016 budget plan. This document is published annually and its value is that it give the world a window into what OFCCP is seeking to accomplish in the future. Since the document is lengthy and few people are willing and able to take the time to read through it all, readers have the opportunity to access OutSolve's summary of highlights is below. Note that the budget document is a good place to gain a refresher on OFCCPs priorities for the coming year.

Link to full document: http://www.dol.gov/dol/budget/2016/PDF/CBJ-2016-V2-10.pdf

Summary of contents:

  1. Expected number of audits for 2016 is equal to number forecast for 2015 at 4,290.

  2. OFCCP completed 93% of expected audits in 2014.

  3. OFCCP claims that they collected $11.9 million in back pay settlements for more than 23,000 victims.

  4. Equal Pay Enforcement continues to be a top priority. OFCCP states that they received $1.5 million in settlements related to pay discrimination in fiscal year 2014. They expect to introduce an Equal Pay Report to assist in further evaluations and they are proposing to add 10 staff members for additional enforcement activities.

  5. A focus on the elimination of gender, racial and ethnicity based discrimination in the construction trades. OFCCP expects to release proposed regulatory change in 2015 to address construction regulations that have not been updated in over 30 years.

  6. OFCCP will audit to ensure that contractors have implemented the Executive Order extending nondiscrimination protections to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) employees.

  7. Enforcement of the Section 503 (Disability) and VEVRAA (Veteran) regulations implemented in FY 2014. Now that the year of training and implementation is complete, OFCCP will move into enforcement mode. Expect a large number of Notices of Violation related to outreach in 2015 (OutSolve opinion).

  8. 41 CFR 60-20 Sex Discrimination regulations is in Proposed Rule phase and is expected to become Final Rule in 2015 with implementation in 2016.

There is additional content about Training, Active Case Enforcement and Customer Service within the budget document.


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