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Denton County (Dallas) to Pay $115,000 after Judgment in EEOC Equal Pay Lawsuit


Lawsuit alleges that a newly hired male physician was paid $34,000 more than a tenured female physician performing the same job duties

After a federal court entered judgment in favor of EEOC, Denton County (Dallas) was required to pay $115,000 to a former female county doctor to resolve a pay discrimination lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, a female Primary Care Clinician working for the Denton County Public Health Department since October 2008 had the same duties as a male physician hired in August 2015. However, the county set the male physician’s starting annual salary at more than $34,000 higher than the female physician. The County health department also failed to take remedial measures after receiving a complaint from the female about the unequal pay.

In August 2017 the EEOC filed a lawsuit in the District Court for the Eastern District of Texas after attempting to reach a pre-litigation settlement through its voluntary conciliation process. The final judgment and order issued on October 24, 2018 awarded the female physician $115,000 in damages and required the County to implement a new written policy regarding compensation for physicians in the public health department.

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