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Close to the final episode in the demise of the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces “Blacklisting” regulations


The final step is for President Trump to sign off to “undo” the Executive Order

Both houses of the congress voted to “disapprove” the Blacklisting regulation by a narrow margin of 49-48. Even though most of the regulations, with the exception of the paycheck provision, were previously enjoined by a Texas court, the Congress’ resolution with the President’s signature will end all of the regulatory requirements.

It is expected that there will be no hesitation in President Trump signing the disapproval resolution which will bring an end to the Executive Order, the FAR provisions and the Department of Labor’s Guidance document. When this occurs, the Executive Order, which was signed by President Obama in July 2014, will be put to rest and federal contractors will be free from the burdens and obligations imposed by the order, including the paycheck transparency obligations that went into effect earlier this year.

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