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Cargill Meat Solutions pays $2.2 million to settle claims of systemic hiring discrimination


Alleged hiring discrimination spanned for more than 4 years and impacted 3,000 individuals

To resolve allegations of hiring discrimination based on race and sex, Cargill Meat Solutions agreed to pay $2,236,218 in back wages and interest to 2,959 applicants who were rejected for production jobs at facilities in Arkansas, Colorado and Illinois. The affected workers included female applicants in Arkansas and Colorado; Caucasian and Hispanic applicants at the same location in Colorado; and African American and Caucasian applicants in Illinois. Cargill will also extend 354 job offers as positions become available.

During a series of compliance reviews, OFCCP alleged that, from 2005 to 2009, Cargill’s selection procedures followed at facilities in Arkansas, Colorado and Illinois were discriminatory against several protected groups since hiring managers used subjective and inconsistent practices that favored one group over another. The reviews also uncovered record keeping violations.

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