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Business News Daily Publishes Article on Current Status of Pay-Equity Enforcement


Starting in 2018 both OFCCP and EEOC will have access to contractor pay data

Interesting article on equal pay posted by Business News Daily. As 2018 approaches, Federal contractors continue to prepare for the updated EEO-1 reporting requirements and manage OFCCP requests during a desk audit. Compensation related requests from OFCCP can be lengthy and detailed. While we cannot predict the future, the current compliance environment surrounding pay-equity suggests continued efforts to collect data and to conduct proactive analyses in advance of sending data to the Department of Labor. This can be a complex process that requires expert consultation and oversight from counsel.

See excerpt and link to full article below.

"Pay equity laws have been on the books for decades, and employers have had reporting requirements for decades," Ellen Feeney, vice president for counsel for ADP, told Business News Daily. "But now businesses are starting to pay more attention, because last year the EEOC issued new federal requirements for government reporting."


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