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Academic Institutions Town Hall: OFCCP Wants to Help


The OFCCP led town hall will be held in Washington, DC at the Phoenix Park Hotel, on October 23, 2019.

Posted by OFCCP September 18, 2019:

OFCCP has been holding town hall events to increase our understanding of what is important to federal contractors and our stakeholders in various industries. The knowledge we gain from these events allow us to continually enhance the scope and quality of OFCCP's compliance assistance materials,

Earlier this year we held six successful town halls and gained valuable feedback. We are looking to build on the success of the previous town halls and will offer the next session for Academic Institutions. The town hall will be held in Washington, DC at the Phoenix Park Hotel, on October 23, 2019. You can attend the town hall by registering here.

The session is open to the public but will be of particular interest to academic institution personnel who are directly involved with ensuring their organization’s compliance with OFCCP requirements, such as human resource managers, equal employment opportunity specialists, and chief compliance officers. Workers, jobseekers and community groups are also encouraged to attend.

Please note during the town hall, note taking is encouraged, but please refrain from using tripods, recording and flash photography in order to limit disruptions for attendees. A professional facilitator will be recording on behalf of OFCCP. The facilitator will use the recording to create a report incorporating participant feedback in aggregate and anonymously. OFCCP will use this report to develop compliance assistance, training and resources for federal contractors and stakeholders. The purpose of the town hall is to gather contractor input and identify opportunities for enhancing OFCCP’s compliance assistance.

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