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2019 Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letter (CSAL) Released


OFCCP's audit list is posted online including varying types of audits

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) has released the 2019 version of the anticipated audit list. This list is now available online here:


The MS Excel based list includes the company name and site information in addition to the type of audit that is expected to be conducted including:

Section 503 Focused Reviews - 500

Establishment Review (standard desk audit) - 2,345

Corporate Management Compliance Review (CMCE) - 83

Compliance Check - 500

Functional Affirmative Action Plan (FAAP) - 72

It is our experience that scheduling letters begin to arrive shortly after the release of the CSAL so be on the lookout for a phone call from OFCCP seeking to confirm the address of the contractor location. Note that the numbers above represent an increase from recent years so it can be reasonably stated that OFCCP is very active.

2019 CSAL Quick Facts

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What You Need to Know and Steps You Need to Take Now!

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